Technology and tourism: a winning combination!

Do you remember those times when you had to make phone calls, visit agencies or consult old directories to request information about your dream trip? You probably don’t remember it because you were a kid! Chill! Now you have a lot of tools to make every trip a breeze. Let’s learn how technology has become an ally of new tourism.

ITC? What are we talking about?

Let’s define what ICT is, also known as Information and Communication Technology. Take this simple example; you have them in front of you! Today, the most popular ICTs are cell phones, computers, the Internet, databases, mp3 and mp4 players, etc.

Long story short, information technology refers to all those technological resources that make viable the possibility of storing, processing, organizing, distributing, and accessing certain information, which also includes software and hardware. Got it? Let’s move on, then.

Internet is the best means of connecting service providers with clients without having to leave our homes, and we access them from all our technological devices. So, let’s say everything is connected. And thank goodness! Finding all that information used to be such a pain in the old days, right?

Tourism and technology together are dynamite!

How many times have you received advertisements for cheap airline tickets while you’re just acting like a couch potato? Have you seen pictures, videos, and reviews of the hotel of your dreams and everything nearby before you travel? Tourism is moving towards technology.

As a traveler, here are some tools we recommend when planning your trip:

  • Siri, Alexa, Hey Google: want to plan all your trip details in no time? Then you can use any voice search assistant. They will help you find the information you need without much hassle if you just mention them and tell them what you want to find. Lit!
  • Hotel, airline, or travel agency websites: if you come across tourism service providers with all the information updated on their digital platforms, take advantage of it! This way, it’s easier for you to access the information you need to buy your flights packages or book a room in the hottest hotels.
  • Audience segmentation in social networks: it’s no secret that the Internet knows almost everything about you: personal information, preferences, habits, the things you like, etc. So it’s no coincidence that, when we want to travel, you catch on Google and social networks how they suggest information about what you want. Although sometimes it can be scary, we have to admit that it makes things so much easier.
  • A thousand ways to pay: payment processes are now easier to manage thanks to technology. Nowadays, a lot of hotels accept cryptocurrencies. Here in Bit Hotels, you can pay with these digital assets without any problem, so take note!
  • The dominance of QR codes: flyers and printed maps are old-fashioned; you can find all the information on your cell phone in a few minutes! In no time, you can also use a QR code to pay for a cab or view the menu at almost any restaurant in the city. Brutal!
  • Information about COVID protocol: nowadays, it’s super important to look at all the requirements you must meet to keep up with what each region of the world requires to prevent the spread of Covid-19. And it’s all just a click away!

In short, as a result of technological advances, we can enjoy better tourist services, acquire packages more easily, save time, and get the information we need before we hit the road. Lit!

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