Cali is more than salsa

“Cali pachanguero. Cali luz de un nuevo cielo…”, says the chorus of a famous song by Grupo Niche. And, yeah, we love dancing! But the branch of heaven has so much more to offer. Want to know what to do in Cali? Read on!

Cali is art and heritage

Cali’s streets are beautiful to walk through. Its boulevards, squares, and viewpoints are full of history worth exploring. The Parque de Los Poetas, with its sculptures dedicated to the most recognized writers of the area, the Parque del Perro, the urban works of the Gato del Rio, and his girlfriends to its churches, such as the Ermita, are all must-sees.

MIO Cable’s tourist routes are also ideal for connecting with its art and its history in the heart of the city. There, you can see murals, photographs, paintings, stained glass windows and be guided by friendly tour guides to discover the city’s hidden gems.

If you are looking to travel back in time and enjoy a colonial experience, the San Antonio neighborhood, in the west, is an excellent choice. This colorful area has been declared a heritage area of interest, so you better come check it out!

Within the neighborhood and its surroundings are the viewpoint of San Antonio, the baroque chapel, the Monumento a Las Macetas (Monument to the Flowerpots), restaurants, cafes, cultural centers, old theaters, and houses that fit its architectural and cultural heritage.

Cali is nature and adventure

If you are an explorer or simply want to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the city, you should know that Cali is blessed with beautiful landscapes. You can see the area’s beauty from open sky viewpoints such as El Calvito, Alto del Trueno, Pico de Aguila, or Cerro la Caja.

For those who enjoy the water, you can walk or dive in the famous Pance River or the Claro River, located one hour south of Cali. And don’t forget to visit the famous waterfalls such as La Reina, La Alemana, Paraíso, and La Esmeralda in Villacarmelo.

If you are a forest lover, you should know that in the village of Villacarmelo, on the foothills of the Farallones de Cali, there is a beautiful family of century-old oak trees waiting for you. Make sure you visit the Pico de Loro hill and the Peon forest as well.

Cali is delicious

Our beautiful city is perfect for pampering your senses, including your palate. Cali’s cuisine is a fusion of Spanish, indigenous, and African gastronomy, and it’s so tasty that you cannot help but lick your fingers.

In Valle del Cauca you can savor a tasty pandebono, a sancocho de gallina, the famous arroz atollado, lulada, arepa valluna, champús, cholado, chontaduro and much more.

El Peñón, Granada, San Antonio, Ciudad Jardín, and Parque el Perro are the most famous places in the region for enjoying a delicious meal. However, you can sample typical food anywhere.

As you can see, the salsa capital of the world has options for all tastes that will allow you to enjoy it from North to South and East to West. We’re waiting for you!

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