About Us

bithotels is proof that greatness has nothing to do with size. That’s why we create this spot bit-by-bit ✨, in our place you’ll find space of comfort, of diversity and a sense of community.

Relax and be yourself in this urban shelter, 👨🏻👩🏼👧🏽👴🏻👵🏻👽🏳️🌈, rangers, scouts, travelers, and their loyal friends 🐶🐱🐹 are always welcome.

Sleep and rest here is brutal.

Amazing rest, get to explore and enjoy a city’s life are the new yellow 💛, that’s why we’ve got for you diferent types of rooms; from a single bit to the bitest bit👾, ¡all you can get is booomb!💣

Each ‘shelter’ is created simply and with love. All include free wi-fi and movies are available🎬, and a delicious shower is waiting for you to hop into a big comfy bed. We’re sure when you wake up next morning, you’re gonna feel enormous and ready to conquer the world🧙🏻‍♂. 


urban cuisine.

After making you feel brutal in bed, we believe nourishing your body and spirit is essential for our souls. Here at bithotels, we want you to have a delicious time and that’s why we have amazing food allies 🤤, you’re about to live a tasty gastronomic experience, so tasty even locals hang around us😎.

bit’s magic happens here.

If you’re ready to rock 🤘🏼after our 🔝cuisine and brutal rest, we’re about to tell you a vast truth: here in bithotels, we love the adventure of innovation. 

Nowadays, spots where stuff happens are the thing💡and coworking is old-fashioned🕯️, so we create a place full of tricks in the hat 🎩, so you can live the most savage experience in it: You can chill😎, read a book📖, have a nap😴, do brand launchings, photoshoots 📸, Yoga training🧘🏻‍♀️, workshops, private events 🕺💃, and yes… You can also work here🤓.

Some of our bit’s data.

Our hotel

of our interior design is homemade.
of practices are earth loving.
of our restaurants are locals friendly.

Our guests

are pets.
are rangers, scout and world travelers.
are beauty and wellness lovers.
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How can I help you?