Cali, Colombia.

El Peñon.

bithotels settled down in ‘la Capital de la Salsa’ and made it home🏠.

Once known as Hotel El Peñón, its building is spotted in the hottest place in Cali; from here is where we decided to throw our moves🕺👯💃👯‍♂️.

We want you to live the experience of being a Caleño bit-by-bit 👾. Go on an adventure to rainforest rivers🛤️, live urban art with the most famous cats in South America (Las Novias del Gato) 🐈🐈🐈, learn how to dance 💃🕺, walk the colonial streets of San Antonio, have a ‘pandebono’ or enjoy life your own way 🔥. ¡Believe us; you’re gonna fall in love with ‘La Sucursal del Cielo’!


brutal sleep.

For travelers, rangers and their loyal companions🐶🐱🐹, families and all type of gangs 👨🏻👩🏼👧🏽👴🏻👵🏻👽🏳️‍🌈, we made our urban shelters go from a single bit to the bitests bit, all include air-conditioner❄️, free wi-fi and Netflix to chill🎬; a delicious shower is waiting for you to hop into a big comfy bed. If you get hungry, zero worries ‘cuz on our 1st floor we’ve got urban restaurants available for you 🍔🥙🍛

It’s all about
TOP tastes.

¿Wanna merge with the beauty and ‘Calidosa’ people from ‘La Sucursal del cielo’? Well … after making you feel amazing in bed we want to invite you for a crave to a refreshing homemade drink, a Turkish platter with amazing New Yorkian style Kebah🗽 and a local power twist, you can also try the best hamburger and chocolate cookie in town🤤 or maybe, a taste of the POWER ancestral bakery.

Let us spoil you bit-by-bit.

🎩bit’s magic happens here🔮.

Be honest, ¿you’ve been looking for a place to let loose your creativity 🤪, chill while you stay with us, host a yoga workshop 🧘🏻‍♀️, blast a photo shoot 📸, throw a private thing for a 50 people gang or simply want a conference room to work with 30 more people?

Relax, we own a savage happening spot for you on our 2nd floor 🦖: it’s modular, we’ve got all the toys for you here🕹️,and the taste of our top restaurants is just some stairs away 🏃🏻.


Dive headfirst.

bit hotels wants you to live the experience of becoming Caleño, bit-by-bit 💪🏻. Take a walk along the Boulevard and meet the most famous kitty cats in America🐈, go on an adventure to tropical jungle rivers🛤️, learn to dance Salsa 💃🕺, eat a pandebono, have a lulada or walk through San Antonio’s colonial neighborhood and enjoy the unique 5PM breeze.

Once you fall in love with La Sucursal del cielo, you will always wanna stay with us and be part of the gang.

bithotels El Peñon.

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